About me

I'm here for you

I like to make unique templates.

Some words about me

As a web developer I have specialized in Front-End development (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Responsive design) making use of technologies like Jquery, Bootstrap, Sass & Less, etc.

In the Back-End I have experience, especially in PHP (and now I'm learning NodeJS) on which I have made various applications and themes.

Sass & Less

Modern Design

I develop my templates with the latest web development technologies so that your projects are always at the forefront.

Personalized service

I know that, each client requires a personalized solution, so I always study the best solution for you.


My templates are created to be displayed correctly on all types of devices, whether mobile, tablets or PC.

Easy to customize

EncodesLIFE templates are easy to customize, the code is very clear and everyone can do their own website without programming knowledge.

Full documentation

In the download package you will find the documentation, what is very detailed, which is easy to read.

Well organized files

Each file is in place with recognizable names and you can easy change the entire website.